Bargain Vehicle Inventory for Sale in Ahoskie, NC

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Bargain Inventory at Feyer Ford

Ok, I really shouldn't do this. I mean, really. I might even get in a lot of trouble. But in the end, you're worth it. Especially if it means saving thousands of dollars. So, here it is. I took the privilege of lowering the prices of certain vehicles. And by the looks of it, these models are worth far more than the new price. But everyone needs a bargain here and there. Especially when car shopping in Ahoskie, NC. So now, it's your turn.

Low Price, High Quality

Who am I? Consider me your "soon to be out of work" sales assistant. I just figured that even though these cars should go for more than what I'm selling them for, you deserved a break. And any of these bargain vehicles are reliable alternatives if you have a tight budget. Our ASE-certified mechanics inspect each of these models like they're brand new. I watched them do it with my own eyes. They perform diagnostics and all kinds of tests to ensure that each vehicle is ready to go from Rocky Mount to Roanoke Rapids. Rest assured; you won't have any problems with any of our pre-owned vehicles.


Bargain Inventory Under $15k Near Suffolk, VA

For less than $15k, you can find a variety of cars, trucks, or SUVs. We'll always have a great, hand-selected inventory of Ford vehicles in this category. And we'll also bring in some models from other automakers. We like to keep our lots filled with variety. So, no matter if you're shopping in our brand-new Ford inventory or strolling with me through our pre-owned inventory, you'll have plenty of low-priced options to choose from.


Feyer Ford

So, that's it. That's the secret. That's the one thing that could get me in trouble. Lowering these vehicles to prices under $15k is unthinkable. I hope that good people like you will see the value of these bargain vehicles and purchase one. That'll go a long way to help me remain employed here-and continue bringing the money-saving deals your way. See you soon?